About Us.

     Care Check HQ is the-by-product of two astounding individuals who’ve dedicated their life to the care and safety of their community members. A former law enforcement Captain/ current licensed private investigator along side a licensed Health Care Risk Manager for a major Florida hospital, have teamed together to create a corresponding system of professional “well-being” checks dedicated to keeping your elderly loved one safe, secure and respected.

Care Check HQ was created in order to give individuals who have elderly family members or loved ones peace of mind. Most of us are very busy and hold hectic schedules. When we arent busy working, we cherrish our rest and relaxation time. Whether that includes traveling across the state or across the country. Care Check was created to give you a sense of comfort and security in knowing that a team of professionals are visiting your loved ones and making sure they are safe and in good health. 

Many individuals are often times worried leaving an elderly loved one by themselves. Be it in a nursing home or the home they grew up in. The risk of slipping and falling, break-ins, and/or maltreatment seem to grow greater and greater everyday. Our Care Check professionals are simply here to help. To give you some assurance that your loved one is safe and healthy while you trek across country or have to be out of town for that important business trip.

Professional Consultation